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The Music Side Of Town Blues Band: News

Merry Christmas! - January 1, 2010

Although we just rang in the new year... Hey!, it's still Christmas! That is, if you celebrate the Twelve Days of Christmas! Epiphany (on January 6th) is the last of the Twelve Days of Christmas... so if your tree is still up (like mine), well, it's ok!
I had a great Christmas season, and surely hope you did too. Our Band (The Lightword Band) did a number of performances during the season, including the Mistletoe Market in Perry at the Georgia National Fairgrounds and Agricenter. The Market was quite an affair with a hugh selection of vendors, and a constant supply entertainment throughout the day. I recommend it next year as a part of your Christmas shopping experience.
Well, again... Merry Christmas! (and Happy New Year!)


I'll be at the Powersville Opry on October 10 - October 3, 2009

I'll be in performance at the Powerville Opry on Saturday, October 10, from 8pm to 9pm. The Opry is a very friendly place to hear music and visit with friends. Everyone is welcome!

Directions: Proceed from Macon, Perry, or Warner Robins to the Ga 247 Connector (which is Watson Blvd in Warner Robins) west over the Interstate about three miles. Before you come to Hwy 49 you will see a sign that says "Fire Station". Turn left on to that road and proceed to the Opry which is just a short distance. Come on in and enjoy the evening.

There will be bands playing before us beginning about 6pm. There is no admission charge and refreshments are available. (Alcohol is not served at the Opry.) You may be interested in purchasing a raffle ticket during the evening for items that will be raffled.

I hope you can come by for the performance! See you there if you can make it!

The October Market Cool! - October 3, 2009

We had a great day at the Perry Farmer's Market today... the weather was beautiful, cool but sunny, and the Vendors were energized for the day. Many thanks to all those who came out to shop and visit at the Market today, we appreciate your dedication to the Market and your joyful attitudes each week. The community spirit is strong and dynamic at the Perry Farmer's Market!

Next Saturday, October 10, is the last Market for this 2009 season. We'd like to invite everyone to come by for one last shopping trip and celebrate the 2009 Season close with us. Thanks again for your week by week attendance at the Market. We appreciate you consistent, caring support. We'll pick up again on the second Saturday in May, and I'll send out a newsletter about that GRAND OPENNING SATURDAY when we get into April 2010. (Wow! It's 2010!)

Next Week is Fair Saturday and there will be a lot of activity downtown due to the parade and the Ga National Fair. It should be exciting. Don't let the traffic dissuade you from coming by the Market... we'll be set up and ready early for your visit! See you next Saturday for the 2009 Season Finale Celebration!

Beautiful Market Day - September 21, 2009

We've had a lot of rain lately, but Saturday morning was rainfree and even had some sunshine later in the morning. The temperatures are cooling off as well, so it was quite comfortable shopping outdoors this past Saturday. Many thanks to all who turned out, we appreciate you dedication to the Market!

The vendors are busy each week preparing to serve you with good, fresh vegetables, baked goods, peanut products, and more. They do a good job each week and are grateful for your steady support each week. The work hard to live up to out motto: "Good food! Good prices! Good community spirit!" They are a friendly group who look forward to interacting with you each week.

The Market will continue through the first two weeks in Octobver but reopen again in the Spring. If you are not on my email list, you can sign-up and I will send you Market Letters each week. I won't be doing this, of course, during the off season, but I'll send you a letter before the Market opens next spring so you are reminded to join us for the grand opening!

Again thanks for the support! See you next week if you can make it!


The Fall Market Continues - September 7, 2009

The Perry Farmer's Market opened in the Spring, continued all Summer, and will be open in the Fall through the second Saturday in October. So, we still have a number of Market's upcoming before the season ends for the year. Many thanks for your support throughout the Spring and Summer and we invite you to let your friends know that the Market will be available for five more weekends.

Musically, last Saturday I performed a number of songs that go way back in my repertoire, and some that are new but have been seldom performed. I'll be presenting several new songs over the next few weeks and invite you to come by and listen to a few new tunes. By the way, this coming Friday is a time of rememberance and prayer as we reflect on the terrible events of 9-11. I wrote a song, "The Tragedy of 9-11", about that day and time. You can hear it on this web site. (Go to Music.) I've offered it to a local radio show for use in their program as a way to help the community in it's time of rememberance, but I'm not sure they will use it. If they do, it will be pm FM 99.9 between 3pm and 6pm.

Blessings always!

The Perry Farmer's Market: September and October - August 31, 2009

Many thaks to all who came out to the Market last Saturday, we appreciate your support!

The Market will continue through all of September and through the first two weeks in October... there's still six Market days left in this year's season. The hours will continue to be the same: 8am to 12pm.

Join us for outdoor shopping this Saturday... our vendors will be working hard to serve you good, fresh food at good prices. Also, the dynamic community spirit of the Market and Perry will be a blessing to enjoy!

I'll be in place in the Muisc Gazebo playing a few tunes, so come on out and enjoy. I'll have chairs and an umbrella ready, and refreshing cold drinks are available each Saturday.

See you next week if you can make it!

Thanks, Warner Robins First United Methodist Church - August 31, 2009

The lightword Band and I performed at Warner Robins First United Methodist Church last Wednesday evening (August 26) as part of their Wednesday Night Supper program. We appreciated the cordial, warm reception and the generous outpouring of love and friendship! Your response to our music was uplifting and encouraging. Thanks so much for the opportunity to share our music with you, and for the caring way that you welcomed us and invited us into your "family."

The Band: on Bass, Cres Wise; on Drums, Todd Marshall; on lead guitar, Mike Robinson! Wow! These guys were really cooking... great playing... great joy! What a pleasure it is to work with these guys!
Blessings always!

Thanks for Coming Out to the Market - August 24, 2009

Many thanks to all who came out to the Perry Farmer's Market last week. We appreciate the support and the community spirit that you bring each week. The Market is a joyful place where buying and selling is accompanied by joyful greetings and the meeting and sharing with friends. Good to see you each week!

The Market will continue through the second week in October. That leaves seven Market opportunities to go. The hours will remain the same throughout this time, 8am to 12pm.

If you have a Fall garden, or know someone who does, perhaps bringing some of your bounty to the Market to share with community would work for you. Just contact me via email and I will get you set up to sell. Really, it's very doable, so if you'd like to give it a try, or know someone who would, just get in touch with me. You can also call me at 478-218-2905.

I'm continuing to write songs and expect to have a few new ones next week to share. I'll try and do those from 10an to 11am if you are interested in catching something new! Thanks for listening!

Dickey Farms: A Unique Place to Visit - August 20, 2009

I had the very enjoyabale opportunity to provide music for the Dickey Farms "Cruise In," a gathering of antique and classic cars. It was a great time with a friendly and happy crowd!

Dickey Farms is located just North of Roberta on Hwy 341, look for the big sign telling you to turn and go down one block to the Dickey Farms Peach Packing House. They have a retail section located in the working warehouse that is comfortable (rocking chairs!) and cool (nice ceiling fans!). And you will not want to miss the delicious peach ice cream. It was certainly a hit on the Saturday I was there! They welcome your visit any time and it would make a good day trip from any where in Middle Georgia. And you can also stock up on deleious peaches. I took a box home to my family, and WOW!!! were they good! We ate peaches all week... so sweet and juicy... the best! They sell them by the bag as well, you won't be dissappointed.

Thanks, Dickey Farms! You have a great peach farm and business! And the "Cruise In" had ninty-one entries of beautiful cars... I'll let you know when the do the "Cruise In" again so you can check it out.


Thanks Whitestone! - August 20, 2009

Many thanks to Tommy New and the Whitestone Band that performed at the Perry Farmer's Market last week. We appreciate your music and your willingness to share it!

I'll be returning to the Market this Saturday (8-23) and would like to invite everyone out to hear some music and check out the offerings of our vendors. The Market will continue to operate through the first two weeks of October, so there's still plenty of Saturdays to enjoy the outdoor Market. And as the seasons progress, cooler temperatures will prevail!

Next week I'll be performing with the Lightword Band at Warner Robins First United Methodist Church at their Wednesday Night Supper program. The date is Wednesday, August 26. The dinner begins at 6:00pm followed by the performance. Reservations for the dinner are required (923-3737), although anyone may attend the performance without a reservation if you are not buying dinner. Join us if you can! The church is located at 205 N Davis Dr in Warner Robins.


Thanks For Coming Out to the Market - August 3, 2009

Hi Friends,
We had a good turn out at the Perry Farmer's Market on Saturday and we appreciate eveyone dropping by! It was good to see you and enjoy the Market atmosphere with you. The vendors send along their thanks and are grateful for your steady participation. I've seen them work hard to provide good value for their customers!

Many thanks for all of you who have checked out my web site. You'll notice that you can link to CDbaby which is one of the largest independent music distributors in the country. My four CDs are being sold through CDbaby and can be purchased any time there.

The Perry Farmer's Market continues to be a place of good community spirit, good food, and good value. I'll see you next week if you can make it!

A Good Day at the Market - July 25, 2009

Hi Folks,

We had a good day at the Market today. Thanks to veryone who turned out!

Many thanks to Tommy New and Milton Culpepper, two grat musicians, who joined me on the bandstand today. i appreciate your work and your willingness to try new songs! Thanks for the good tunes!

Join us next week at the Market!


I'll Be Back Saturday - July 20, 2009

I've missed the last two Markets (due to important events I did not want to miss), but I'm planning on being there this Saturday. I'm looking forward to enjoying the community spirit and goodwill that is a part of the Perry Farmer's Market! Come on out and enjoy the fun!

Musically, this has been a productive time for me. I'm continuing to write regularly and will be premiering at least two new songs this Saturday. One is a love song that I wrote for a wedding called, "Love is ..." and the other is a song called, "The Ten Commandments." I'll try to do them about 10:00 a.m.

Thanks for your solid and enthusiastic support for the Market: it's a great place to buy fresh food, decorative plants, and more, and to meet and greet neighbors and friends. Join me this Saturday if you can!
Blessings always!

July 4th Market Went Well - July 5, 2009

The Perry Farmer's Market went well even though it was a holiday weekend. The crowds were not als large as some Saturdays, but the community spirit was strong and vibrant. That's one aspect of the Market that we celebrate each week: the warrth and friendliness of the Perry community! The Market is one of many settings where that community spirit is affirmed and celebrated. It's not unusual to see someone you know, or to make a new friend. As I say each Saturday, the Market is not only a place to buy and sell, but also a place to meet and greet. So come on out any Saturday and enjoy the fun. I don't think you will be dissappointed.

Musically, I had a great day. Todd Marshall, drummer with our band, came out and played with me most of the day. He is great drummer and really added a lot of kick and punctuation to the day. I appreciate his good drumming. He'll be back soon and I hope to have our bassist and keyboardist on hand as well.

I'm continuing to play new songs on Saturdays. The repertoire continues to evolve as new songs are added!

I'm settting up chairs and an umbrella for shade each Saturday at the Market so that those who come to listen will be comfortable. When you can, come on out and enjoy the music and the ambience of the outdoor Market!

Corn! Corn! Corn! And Melons, Too! - June 22, 2009

The Perry Farmer's Market was a busy scene last Saturday: vendors were selling and taling about their products, shoppers were examining a great variety of vegetables and fruit, the music was playing, friends and neighbors were greeting each other... it was a great day at the Market! And the gardens are really "coming in" now, so much more is showing up at the Market. We also began to see melons in greater abundance coming into the Market... they looked goo and they went fast! It looks like this coming Saturdaay the vendors will have full tables of delicious veggies and fruit for sale. Come on out and enjoy the fun!

Last Saturday I continued to do a number of new songs, in addition to songs from my usual repertoire. Many thanks to those who supported this ministry through giving to the tip jar and buying CDs. The CDs will contiue to be available at the Market at the Market discount price. Come on by and hear some tunes and say "hey" next Saturday.

See you next Saturday if you can make it!

Market Turn Out Strong - June 14, 2009

Many thanks to all who are turning out at The Perry Farmer's Market each week! We've had a good response this season, and the vendors have expressed much gratitude for your business and support.

Musically I had great day, did a number of new songs for the fisrst time, and provided a Listening and Resting Area for Market shoppers which was well used throughout the day. At the "Listening and Resting Area" you can find the shade of an umbrella and a number of seats available... a great place to take a break and listen to some music!

Don't forget to check out CDbaby sometime and listen to some excerpts from my CDs. The CDs are available there via CDbaby or come on down to the Market and pick them up there. (At the Market you will get the "Market discount price" which can't be berat!)

Again, thanks for the encouraging support you give me Saturday by Saturday at the Market. My hope is that the songs I sing will lift up the love of God in a way that brings joy and peace to all who hear them.

See you next Saturday at the Market!

Bluegrass at the Market - June 11, 2009

Many thanks to Tommy New, Lou Glover, Milton Culpepper, and Joe Hagan who joined me on stage to play bluegrass last Saturday. We had a great time, and I enjoyed playing the banjo with them. They have promised to be back to the Market soon!

I want to invite others who would like to join me on Saturday to pack your instrument and come and play. You can join me as I play some of my origianl Christian tunes, or we can jam some of your favorites, or you can do a solo/group set. We'll work all that out when you get here! If you have an additional mic and stand, bring it along. This has been a part of my vision for the Market: a gathering place to share a variety of music; a place where musicians and singers are welcome to perform.

See you at the Market!

New Gazebo at the Perry Farmer's Market - June 1, 2009

The weather was extraordinary at the Market last Saturday. We had a number of new vendors and a steady stream of Market shoppers. I like to think of the Market as both a shopping experience and a fellowship experience. It's not unusual to see a friend, neighbor, or acquaintance at the Market! Also, the vendors are very friendly and enjoy discussing their products.

A new, beautiful Gazebo was add to the Market setting this week. It functions as a bandstand and will be a big help with sudden unexpected rain showers, while also providing good shade, a safer, wooden floor, and better visibility and presence at the Market. Many thanks to the Downtown Development Authority who provided the materials and the Mennonite community who constructed the gazebo as a gift to the Perry community.

I'll be in concert at the Market beginning at 8am next Saturday. Come on out and join the fun! I look forward to seeing you!

Music at the Market Rained Out Last Saturday - May 25, 2009

Everything was set and ready to go, but the weather didn't cooperate. Sorry aboaut that! I'll try again next Saturday. When a "music rainout" does occur, I'll get an email out (as I did last Saturday) as soon as possible to let you know the situation. Even if the weather is a factor more me (I'm in a much more rain sensitive situation than the venors) our good Market vendors are often able to continue selling there delicious products. Even if I can't be there, the vendors will still be availble for your purchases, So come on out to the Market and enjoy buying outdoors and meeting and greeting friends.
Thanks for your support!

Perry Farmer's Market Is Underway - May 9, 2009

The Perry Farmer's Market open for the 2009 season this morning. We had a good turnout of vendors and shoppers. In the weeks ahead we expect a growing number of new vendors to begin selling at the Market... so stop on by and see who's new each week! The Market is also a great gathering place where people see their neighbors and friends. It's not unusual to see someone you know at the market, and it's a good time to "catch up" on the latest with someone.
Musically, things went well at the Market today. I played a number of new songs, most composed within the last year. Each Saturday I plan to feature a few new songs that are hot off the press... I've compsed about twenty new songs in the last several months... I'm looking forward to sharing them with the community. Perhaps I'll do a "new song segment" from 10am to 10:30... I'll see... stay tuned!
Let me know what you think needs to be done to make the Market an even greater expereince... those who are running the Market want to improve it continually, let us know some of your ideas.
Thanks to all who stopped by last week!

The Dogwood Festival Review - April 19, 2009

Thanks to all who turned out for the Dogwood Festival. It seemed to me to be the biggest festival yet.
Many thanks to Beauty for Ashes Christian Bookstore and Two Friends for sponsoring the outdoor music event.
The Band did a great job: it's a real joy to play music with them! Thanks, guys, for outstanding work and heartfelt dedication.
At the Dogwood Festival we shared the Good News, celebrated life, and enjoyed the fellowship of family and friends! God is good all the time!

It's Perry Dogwood Festival Time! - April 10, 2009

I’ll be performing with The Lightword Band on Saturday, April 18, from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the Beauty For Ashes Christian Bookstore, 936 Carroll Street, in the outdoor venue next to the store as part of the Perry Dogwood Festival. Come and join us!

The Festival will feature a variety of Arts and Crafts booths, kids activities, food vendors, entertainment, and the stores and restaurants of Carroll Street.

The Beauty For Ashes Christian Bookstore is a great, local place to shop for books, music, and beautiful gifts. When you’re at the Festival, drop in and check them out.

Email Newsletter Available - March 26, 2009

The Lightword Band Newsletter is available. Right now it's pretty simple, consisting mostly of announcements of upcoming gigs. I plan on improving it in the future, but at least it's a start. Send me you email address and I'll get you on the list. Thanks! Roland

The Cherry Blossom Festival Performance a Success - March 26, 2009

Although the rain threatened to cancel the afternoon's musical performances, the cloudes eventually began to part and it even cleared up a bit by the time we started playing at 3:30 pm. We had a good, solid set, the love of God was lifted up in the music and lyrics. Many thanks to the superb musical work of Cres Wise, bassist; Todd Marshall, percussionist; and Bobby Hardwick, keyboardist and harmony vocalist. It's a joy to play music with these guys! They're good, steady players who use their gifts to share the love of God; that's a good combination!

Volunteers Needed! - March 23, 2009

Roland Everett Fall & The Lightword Band is a Christian rock band that proclaims a message of love and hope in its music. All of the music is original. Four CDs have been produced and are available on CDbaby. The latest is a Christmas CD entitled “Hay and Hope.” We have performed at numerous venues throughout middle Georgia.

We are looking to expand our band support system, and we are looking for volunteers who would like to work with us in the following positions:

BAND MANAGER: Bookings, Gig confirmations, Contracts, Finances, Publicity
SOUND MANAGER: PA live sound, Recording live sound
STAGE MANAGER: Equipment set-up, Equipment maintenance, Set design
WEB MASTER: Administer web site
DRAMA/DANCE MANAGER: Dramatic / dance performances that express visually the concepts in the songs
SALES MANAGER: Merch, CD sales

If you are interested in being considered for one of these positions, please call Roland Everett Fall at 478-218-2905, or, 478-951-1614, or email:

NOTE: These are volunteer positions. Volunteers would share in the joy and blessing of bringing messages of faith, hope, and love to the community. Pray, reflect, consider, and, if it’s right, act!

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