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Song: Jesus Calmed the Storm

Posted on July 9, 2010 with 0 comments
Jesus Calmed the Storm

One day Jesus and his disciples,
Stood on the bank of the Sea of Galilee,
“Let’s cross to the other side,” he said,
“There’s someone there I must see,”

When he got into the boat the sky was calm,
Jesus rested and soundly slept,
But after a while the sky grew dark,
Across the lake a windstorm swept,

The boat began filling with water,
They were in danger of going down,
They woke up Jesus and cried to him,
“We’re perishing and likely to drown!”

Jesus stood up and faced the storm,
He said, “Can you pray in faith?”
The disciples huddled terrified,
Of the wind and the raging waves,

“Wind be still! Waves be gone!”
Jesus calmed the stormy sea,
“Wind be still! Waves be gone!”
Faith changes how we see,
“Wind be still! Waves be gone!”
Our hope is Spirit loving power,
“Wind be still! Waves be gone!”
The peace of Christ in our darkest hours,

The Spirit is with us day by day,
As we travel to any distant shore,
When we’re challenged [...]
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Song: Invest Wisely

Posted on July 9, 2010 with 0 comments
Invest Wisely

Hear the story about an entrepreneur,
He left the country for an extended stay,
Before he left he called in his advisors,
He put them in charge while away,

To the first he gave a million dollars,
To the second a half a million came,
To the third one hundred thousand dollars,
Was placed in the bank in his name,

“Invest widely,” he told them,
“I’ll see you when I return,”
“Give it your very best shot,”
“Show me what you have learned,”

Silver, gold, diamonds and jewels,
Treasure given to invest,
Silver, gold, diamonds and jewels,
Treasure won’t grow when at rest!

The first bought a dry cleaning business,
And went to work washing clothes,
The second bought a produce store,
Selling vegetables the farmers grow,

The third cashed out his money,
And hid it in a safe in the wall,
“I’m not taking any risk with this,”
“I want to have it when the owner calls,”

At length the entrepreneur returned,
Called his advisors to account,
“Tell me how [...]
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Song: Five Thousand Plus

Posted on July 9, 2010 with 0 comments
Five Thousand Plus

Thousands came to hear Good News,
To be touched by the living Christ,
To be healed and be strengthened,
And embrace loves abundant life,

God is love, and God is grace,
Jesus revealed the holy truth,
Compassionate eyes gazed on the crowd,
Jesus said, “God will care for you!”

“Our hope is in the Lord,
“Who made the heavens and the earth,”
“The Spirit is abundant power,”
“Able to give a heart new birth,”

“They tell me you are hungry,”
“Then listen to my words,”
“Love your neighbor as I love you,”
“In God’s providence, rest assured!”

“You say you have only five loaves,”
“And just two small fish to share,”
“Give all you have to the living God,”
“Scarcity will soon disappear,”

Jesus held the offering,
Lifted it up in prayer,
“O Lord, receive our gift of worship,”
“Keep us mindful and aware.”

“Bread and fish, bring what you’ve got to God!”
“Bread and fish, offer your gift in love,”
“Bread and [...]
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Glory to God in the Highest

Posted on July 8, 2010 with 0 comments
Glory To God In The Highest

Once there was a young woman named Mary,
Betrothed to marry Joseph of Nazareth,
When an angel of the Lord appeared unto her,
He said she would conceive a special birth,

The Holy Spirit would bring new life,
The child would be the saving Christ,
The one of whom was foretold,
The messianic promise would now unfold,

The light of God,
The way of love,
Promise fulfilled!

Glory to God in the highest,
Peace on earth, good will to all,
Glory to God in the highest,
Good News of great joy for all,

In Mary’s last month they traveled to Bethlehem,
When they arrived, there was no place to stay,
The innkeeper gave them refuge in a barn,
The babe was born and held in his mother’s arms,

Shepherds in the fields heard the angels sing,
“Let us go,” they said, “and see this thing,”
“Of what the Lord God almighty has done,”
“Of this great gift from the Holy One!”

They saw the child,
Meek and mild,
Lying on the hay,

Glory to God in the highest,
Peace on [...]
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Oil In My Lamp

Posted on July 8, 2010 with 0 comments
Oil In My Lamp

Jesus told a story, to teach us to be ready,
To receive the Holy Spirit, stay true and hold steady,
To live as his disciples, in the kingdom of God,
To love as he loved, with hope for everyone,

Once upon a time, two lovers joined to marry,
They prepared the wedding feast, and as planned the bridegroom tarried,
Ten bridesmaids were given oil lamps, were told to watch for the coming bridegroom,
Let your lamp shine out bright when he walks into the room,

Five of the bridesmaids were foolish, five of them were wise,
The foolish brought no extra oil, the wise brought extra for the night,
Late at night the bridegroom came, with a shout he opened the door,
The bridesmaids picked up their lamps, but the foolish had no oil to pour,

Quickly they went to the dealer, for oil that they could buy,
But when they returned for the bridegroom, he was gone to the feast with the wise,
When the Spirit came, they weren’t ready to follow it’s call to love,
Their lamps were dark without [...]
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